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Hi I am Pereece V. Woods.
Managing Director of V33 by Pereece.

"Results driven. Humanity inspired."


 It all starts as a dream. Then that dream becomes an idea. Eventually that idea translates in goals once you start to formulate a plan.

I was born and raised amongst the many islands of The Bahamas. Graduated from the College of the Bahamas (now the University of the Bahamas) with a Bachelor's degree of Finance and a minor in Spanish. I have lead a learning and exciting career in muliple facets of life. With experience in Tourism, Banking, Finance, Administratration and Information Technology. 

The desire to venture into marketing came when I realized marketing had no right or wrong way on how its done. Interpreting human behaviour is a valuable asset that any business owner can have. With years of experience in customer service and administration V33 by Pereece is the right fit for you. 

You don't need to have the greatest following to make the greatest impact you just need to have the greatest values. Pyschologists have proven that people are attracted to genuinity over any other trait. After pursuing multiple courses and focusing on the areas that would help her build her brand, she started to get ready for launch.

"One cannot know oneself until one has lost oneself."


Simply put, the difference between most businesses is the vision. Every business has a 'what they do', they have a 'how we do it' and then there is the 'why we do it'? No business will have the same why. 

The original intent of V33 by Pereece is to have location independant company that can focus on meeting clients needs by understanding why they do what they do.

I am not about just trying to land your business, its about making you happy and seeing results.

I always believed  if I can get to the core reasons of whyyou do what you do...I can better serve you." 

"Its always seems impossible until it's done."

Nelson Mandela